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DC Ground Fault Locator/ground Fault Tester/ground Fault Detector/ground Fault Meter
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DC Ground Fault Locator/ground Fault Tester/ground Fault Detector/ground Fault Meter

CR-JD100 DC Ground Fault Locator


CR-JD100 DC Ground Fault Locator is applicable for any voltage in DC system, provided high accuracy clamp, to process multiple signals efficiently and increase detecting range and anti-interference capacity, to display the insulation level of the tested circuit branch in the forms of insulation index and wave, to indicate the relative ground point direction of the testing point. The users can customize an equipment with a proper insulation alarm threshold value within the insulation alarm threshold value limit according to requirement, only need to correspond the clamp meter gear with the measuring range on the tester so as to accomplish the direct ground testing or insulation level analysis.


CR-JD200 is not only provide a solution on accurately testing the faults of the indirect-grounding of the direct current system, non-metal grounding, loop grounding, simultaneous grounding of the anode and cathode, balanced grounding of the anode and cathode and multi-point grounding; but also accurately display the system voltage, voltage to ground and grounding resistance value. It truly eradicates the fear of trouble in the rear for the operating and testing personnel.


Key Features and Functions                                                                                                                                 

1. The high-precision sampling clamp meter

The device uses a high resolution (0.1mA) signal sampling direct current clamp meter that can achieve multi-point grounding and high resistance ground point positioning.

2. The directional presentation of the ground point

The device can present the direction of the ground point and can manage the compound circuit branch or the positioning of the ground point in the loop circuit at fast speed and high efficiency.

3. The function of displaying the insulation index

The insulation index is introduced for analyzing the insulation level of the circuit branch to be tested; it reflects the insulation level of the tested circuit branch by the digital forms of 0-100, wherein a greater numerical value means a lower insulation level; and the index combines with the high-precision clamp meter and makes it much easier to carry out the test of multi-point grounding and high resistance grounding.

4. The function of displaying the waveform

The waveform display is the waveform of the signal generator searched out by the tester in the testing process; it plays a very important role in the searching and grounding process. Properly using the waveform display in the tester can substantially increase the testing range, testing accuracy and determination accuracy of the equipment.

5. Easy to operate, convenient to use and fast

Using the clamp meter to clamp the circuit branch and pressing the operation button can complete the testing of a circuit branch within 3-6s.

6. The signal generator and the tester are not subject to the distance limit.

The access point of the signal generator might be in a long distance from the search point, but the tester is not subject to the distance limit and it can search at any point in the same system.

7. Safe to operate and reliable

The signal generator needs to be connected into the direct current system and this ensures the safety of the equipment. According to the on-site practical situation of the direct current system, the signal generator can intellectually generate 1.0—5.0mA signal current with the maximum power lower than 0.2W; it is applicable to various direct current systems and hence ensures the safe and reliable operation of the direct current system.


Technical Specifications                                                                                                                                       

1. The range of grounding resistance:

0 -500KΩ at system voltage 220V

0 -250KΩ at system voltage 110V

0 -50KΩ at system voltage 48V

0 -10KΩ at system voltage 24V

2. The detection signal ≤ 0.2W (the output power of the signal generator)

3. The ground impedance distribution capacitance value:

The ground capacitance of single branch ≤8uF, the ground capacitance of total system ≤100uF.

4. The applicable voltage of DC system:

220V±10%, 110V±10%, 48V±10%, 24V±10%, or other voltage ranges requested.

5. The environment temperature: -35℃ ~ +55℃.

6. The relative humidity: ≤95%

7. Weight: 2.8kg

8. Dimension (packing size): 460x240x120 (mm)


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